More About Me

Steve Backer’s interest in real estate began long before he became a licensed broker in Oregon.

"Growing up in the Boston area, residential and commercial real estate was a frequent dinner table conversation," Steve said. "I would spend weekends following my parents to one of their investment properties, exploring some old warehouse space or apartment building basement, and listening in on conversations with contractors, lenders and property managers."

It was during these outings that Steve Backer received his early education in real estate ownership and property management. Since then, he has spent the last 20-plus years in direct sales and leadership roles since receiving his MBA.

"I love helping clients, friends, and family to navigate the complex waters of property ownership and investment," Steve said.

Steve and his wife Ella were married in Victoria, BC in 2004, and have called Portland home ever since.

"I am an active neighborhood advocate for the Alameda and Irvington neighborhoods," Steve said, "plus the proud parent of two wonderful daughters. We love to travel the world whenever time permits!"